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I have found myself “stuck” at various points along my career journey. As a high school student not knowing what “I should be when I grow up”. The college graduate staring into the abyss of an unknow job market. The upward climbing professional uncertain of my skills or how to navigate “the corporate world”. The seasoned professional seeking fulfillment and legacy.

I learned that most people encounter these “sticking points”, and that I can help people get through these challenges, and move on to better and greater possibilities and opportunities.


And so, I am a People Developer who advises, counsels and leads people through career development and growth.

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Career Coach

Real solutions for real people.

I combine the no-nonsense practical business background honed in corporate Fortune 10 & 50 companies and legal training, to give people real practical solutions for career and college counseling, combined with my desire to help people find acceptance and purpose in their career and life.

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