Tools for Life

Life can be tricky.

There’s no master guide book. Life transitions in particular can be hard to navigate on your own. We’ve got you covered. 

Tools for Life

We make tools, programs and coaching to help you see issues clearly and make a plan to manage them, so you can feel good about yourself and your life.
That’s our mission.

(And we’re working on building that guide book).
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Done Deal

Tools for Life

Life After High School
First Career
Career Transition
Career Progression

Starting a Business


We help people in all stages from high school, to college, to young adults, seasoned professionals and those in transition.


We provide tools that are accessible for real people, who want to make a contribution and live a meaningful life.

We practice a process of using communication to improve performance and build clarity and awareness around goals and values. It is about empowerment and growth that is future-focused, goal-oriented, to create positive changes in one’s career, life, and relationships.

Our goal is to help every person feel good about themselves, their value and their lives. Simple stuff.  

Notebook and Pen

Leahanne Thomas
Tools for Life

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