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Our tools are centered around providing focus & direction, confidence & greater happiness.

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College Students

What's Next

This program is for students who aren’t sure about the right next move for them. Is it college, gap year or something totally different?

In this program students will discover their skills and talents, understand their internal motivations, explore limiting beliefs and develop a plan for action.  

This is also an excellent program for enrolled college students looking for more clarity.
4 Assessments + coaching session. 
Additional coaching sessions may be added. 

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College Compass

For students who plan to go to college but are unsure about all the particulars, such as where to go and what to study.


In this program, students will learn about themselves more deeply, identify colleges that are the best fit for them.

4 Assessments + coaching session.

List of good fit colleges.

College application workbook.

Additional coaching sessions may be added for application support.

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Goal Achievement

For anyone who has big goals but is uncertain how to attain them.

In this program, the participant will break down their goals into component parts, and develop smaller stepping stone goals to reach their big goals. The student will create weekly and/or daily action plans that align to each goal to keep them on task and to make the goal actionable and achievable. 

Coaching Session
Goal planning & management tools
Additional coaching sessions may be added for additional support

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Living in Me

This program is for anyone who would like to focus on their career at any stage, from starting out, to progression to career transition. In this program, the participant will discover their core professional strength, develop their purpose statement, identify projects and jobs that align, and develop a plan to put it into action. 
4 Assessments
3 hour intensive 1-1 coaching session
Additional coaching sessions may be added for support



For anyone wanting to start a business who doesn't have a business background or a lot of money to pay consultants.

In this program, the participant will learn A-Z of starting their own business including: marketing, financial management, legal & tax, sales, IT systems, and much more.


Don’t just jump in, get a step by step guide and coaching to make better decisions. 


This is a crash MBA course taught in real world language and application.

Coaching Sessions throughout & workbook

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Living in Me 2&3

The Living in Me program provided in modules over a period of time, rather than the intensive format. 
4 Assessments
3 one-on-one coaching sessions

The Living in Me program delivered in a live small group retreat style setting (4-6 people). Think Tupperware party for personal development.  Contact Leahanne for details.

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