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The One Thing

You will discover the One Thing “for you” that will change your career or future. 

You will complete 3 assessments and with the aid of coaching, and the relevant workbook, you will unlock the “aha” that will allow you to move forward with confidence into your new bright future.


Check our our results below for inspiration...

Client results

  • Picked the right college and major

  • Gained higher level job outside organization

  • Gained internal promotion

client results

  • Identified new career path and changed career


  • Identified new career and started new business


  • Identified new career and enrolled in grad school

client results

  • Improved performance in existing career by accessing new skills & techniques


  • Increased sales and appreciation of existing career

You can complete the journey in one session, two sessions or four, it’s up to you.

Includes up to 4 coaching sessions, 3 Assessments, Workbook

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