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Discover the One Thing for your business that can change everything. Choose from any of the services below to move your leadership and your business to the next level.

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Leadership & Business Development Program

This program leads you through the first most important priorities as a new leader. Most leaders are thrown into leadership based on their technical skills, but those technical skills do not transfer to the disciplines needed in a new leadership role.


This program is comprised of a workbook as a companion to a coaching program to help support and provide guidance to you as you embark on your new leadership role. The program includes these components:

  • Your Leadership Profile

  • Your Business Design

  • Your Team

  • Your Communication Style

  • Building Trust

  • Continuous Improvement

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Designing & Documenting Workflow Processes

Do you find your work doesn't flow smoothly? Do you find yourself stopping and starting? Having to explain everything multiple times or do everything yourself? You need to process map your workflow against your customer journey and your business goals. Ensuring there is alignment and documenting all the steps so anyone can pick up the map and follow it.

In this program, you will receive a step by step workbook and 4 coaching sessions where we will walk through the customer journey, the workflow and the steps necessary to consistently deliver a product you can be proud of. 

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Organizational Assessment

Do you feel disconnected from your team? Does it seem like your company could be doing better work but you're not sure what's wrong? Do you feel like your team and your company can be performing better than you are? Does it seem like others have it more together? Perhaps you're not accessing and maximizing the skills, talents and wiring of your team. Perhaps they're not in the right roles for maximum effectiveness.

With this program, the leader has a 60 minute session with me to review overall areas of concern and issues. Each staff member takes 3 Assessments and meets with me for a 30 minute session to review results. I synthesize results and create a Report for the leader.
The leader and I meet for another 60 minute session to review results and I provide options for possible paths toward optimization.

Let's Talk About Your


One Thing

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We have a 100% client satisfaction guarantee. If you're willing to put in the time and effort, we guarantee, you'll discover the One Thing. 

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